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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Enchanted: a fairy tale film?

Enchanted is Disney's new movie about an animated Princess who finds herself lost in real world New York, but everything turns out happily ever after. Of course. Which would have been nice for me too, because I went to the cinema in the best of moods looking forward to an uplifting hour or so only for my mood to steadily go down. spoiler alert: the evil guy (played by Timothy Spall in pic) tempting our blonde blue eyed princess with a poisonous apple pretends to be
1) a gyspy (?) with a very distinct Arabic accent
2) an Italian (?) with jet black hair and long curly mustache who sounds suspiciously enough like, who else, an Arab.
3) a Sikh (no question mark about it) with his orange turban and long beard

Sorry to say these blatant stereotypes of 'what evil incarnate, little children, will sound and look like' ruined an otherwise delightful movie for sensitive old me. Am I being too sensitive?
This reminded me of Disney's The Lion King in which the bad hyenas sounded like African Americans. There was an uproar over that, not that anyone at Disney seemed to learn or care. The Lion King made tons of money, and so will Enchanted. Case Closed.