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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kahani (Story): Indian movie/thriller recommendation.

To say anything more about Kahani (Story) other than a pregnant women arrives in Kolkata to look for her missing husband is to spoil it. This is an awesome thriller-- good pacing, stellar acting by everyone, plausible dialogue, funny moments, scary moments: every moment adding up to a very satisfying experience. I especially enjoyed the way the city of Kolkata (previously Calcutta-- a city with two names in a city where the natives have two names themselves) enfolded. Kahani shows Kolkata on the street level rather than a Kolkata of drawing rooms and witty banter. The camera allows Kolkata to live and breathe in all its hustle and bustle, tight spaces, noise, dust and dirtiness.  Of course there are moments that stretch credibility-- is Vidya Balan's heavily pregnant woman really going to traipse all over town in heeled boots!-- but these moments are few and far between and ignorable since the movie is a good, fun time.
* It's okay for kids thirteen and older. Any younger and it might get a little overwhelming as well as confusing. There is no gore per se but still plenty of elements for nightmares.   

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