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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Good American by Alex George

Alex George's debut novel 'A Good American' follows several decades in the lives of a German couple who immigrate to rural Missouri and their descendants. The novel starts out a bit slow but gains momentum as the narrator takes the reader through prohibition, WW1, WW2, JFK's assassination and all the way to our internet age. I enjoyed best the story lines that delved into racial issues and wished there was more of that. Alex raises some very interesting questions such as what made an American good back in the good old days and what makes a good American in this day and age?  I must say I loved the Author's note-- it has a wide eyed, innocent appeal to it that made me think of the novel's founding father, Fredrick, if you will and the singing genes he passed down through the generations. Good read especially if you like seeing characters playing out pivotal  moments of American history. I recently had the pleasure of attending a Barbar Quartet concert and I agree with Alex: stupendous and unforgettable!!

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