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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Doraha-- Pakistani TV Play

Doraha is a fourteen episode drama telecast by the Geo channel. Doraha means two roads/decisions leading in different directions. The story by Umera Ahmed explores a love triangle between a guy and two girls, the girls both coming from very different social classes, and the push of individual desires against duty to family. The subject matter may not be unique but Ahmed's sensitive, character driven story telling and Mehreen Jabbar's steller direction and editing take it too a whole new level. The actors have also done fantastic jobs. Unfortunately, Doraha is not the flawless production it could have been. Despite the momentum created by the first many episodes, the last few falls prey to the usual brain dead flashback filler montages Pakistani dramas seem to not be able to do without; this brings down an otherwise excellent serial. Mehreen Jabbar's blog has viewers comments on the play. Here's a site where the episodes are available for free. Furthermore there were many loose ends left untied: who does Omar's sister get married to? Why don't we see much of Omar's mother regretting the role she's played in the whole mess? We want to see her eat some major crow, we need to see her eat some major crow but in ommitting this catharsis, Doraha makes a major blunder. Next, considering how headstrong and likeable Omar is at the beginning, his wimpiness in the latter episodes is perpelxing as well as cringe worthy, especially the callous way he's ready to leave behind (spoiler alert) his wife and daughter. And that brings me to the biggest conundrum of all: what exactly makes Omar so attractive to these two women. In Shehla's case perhaps obsession is the more apt adjective and all too likely given that she comes from a background and culture where one's first love is supposed to be one's one and only till the day she dies. In Sara's case, even though she belongs to the same culture, her background and innate intelligence ultimately render her final decision a bit specious. It is interesting though that, no matter that their backgrounds, both girls are expected to get married and have mothers hounding them to this effect. Like I always say, marriage is Pakistan's religion, with mother being the Generals sending their daughters to the front lines often ill prepared and no matter what the cost.
Doraha is definitely worth watching despite the glitches in the last few episodes, in fact inspite of them it is still heads and shoulders above most other Pakistani dramas.

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Lost Traveller said...

HI, i like your profound comments on the drama Doraha. I also loved the serial as well as its sound track.
Actually i needed some info. Its title track is the song Payal by jal but in the later episodes another song comes up in the ending credits. Especially in the last episode that song is played again and again, could you please inform me which and whose song is it. All i could make of it was something like "Kis jahan Mai....." i have saerched far and wide for it but of no avail. Thank you.