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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Indian film 'Delhi Belly': a review.

I'd sworn not to watch 'Delhi Belly'. Someone had told me it was the Indian version of 'The Hangover.' I disliked the film 'The Hangover'. The ludicrous scenarios, the scratching of potbellys, the cliched Chinese characters; nothing made me laugh, everything made me groan. I did not want to sit through another Hangover and certainly not an Indian version of it.

'Delhi Belly', a film by Aamir Khan, is anything but a remake or version of 'The Hangover'. Sure there are three guys and one of them has a potbelly and no qualms about farting, and yes the three guys find themselves in ludicrous situations doing ridiculous things but 'Delhi Belly' is a smart and sassy film, a film where everything within the context makes sense and every character, even the minor ones such as a room service waiter, is given intelligent treatment (though the soon-to-be-exhubby's antics are a little over the top). True 'Delhi Belly' boasts a curse a second and gratuitous cursing makes me very uncomfortable as do sex scenes just for the sake of them in which case they are sleaze scenes but in this case the swearing seemed natural to the characters and fitting to the scenes as did the sexual stuff. In fact I was surprised by how much I laughed and how charmed I was by this film where pottys and potty and potty humor play a starring role. The brilliant acting by everyone, the seamless editing, the edgy, grimy cinamatography, the exciting score, the funny lyrics, the fantastic script, the very opening sequence which sets the viewer on squemish edge to the over the top 'item number' at the end-- everything comes together to provide an exquisitive experience. But I truly dread to think of the dreadful copy cat movies that will follow this gem because humor of this sort can so easily go disgustingly wrong.
Indian cinema is becoming a treat to watch these days with smart commercial films like Om Shanti Om, Jab We Met, Baand Baja Baarat, Luck by Chance, Rang de Basanti, 3 Idiots and now 'Delhi Belly.' 'Delhi Belly' is the first Indian film in English and yes 'Delhi Belly' does refer to a mean diarrhea caused by less than hygenic food. The faint of heart will certainly think this is a less than hygenic and more than distasteful movie, and please it is NOT for kids of any age, but as my friends and I left the theatre we thought it was smart, solid entertainment.  I'd sworn not to watch 'Delhi Belly' but I got roped into it and am I glad I did!

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