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Monday, November 19, 2012

Career Day at Autry Mill Middle School

Every year Autry Mill Middle School hosts a career day where parents talk about their careers. This year I went too. To talk about being a writer, specifically a fiction writer to four classes of sixth graders for half an hour each. I haven't had so much fun in ages. Kids ask the darndest things, but they also ask the smartest things such as so how much do you make per hour?  :)
I talked shop, but I also talked craft. Since the sixth grade novel assigned at the moment is Mildred Taylor's 'Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry', I gave them examples of how a reader would read a certain passage, how a student such as themselves would read it, and how a writer would read it. I took them through a short exercise of how a journalist might write about career day, and how a fiction writer would write about the same event using the very same material. Justin Bieber came up. So did The Hunger Games, Psy/ Oppa Gangnum Style, and Green Eggs and Ham. Like I said: FUN. I hope all the kids took home the fact that we are each storytellers at every age except that some of us write our stories down and get paid for them. I would have loved to hear all the other parents' talks: film producer, actress/ballerina, product developer, engineer, IT, FBI agent, CPA, CDC researcher, flight instructor for children and so many more! Thank you so much Autry Mill for giving us this lovely opportunity. It is a wonderful way for both the kids as well as the parents to see each other as more than merely Mom and Dad!!! And thanks for my signed card, a corner of which is the picture accompanying this post.

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