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Monday, August 20, 2012

What Happens When A Literary Agent Wants a Revision Without Guaranteeing Representation?

 You've queried a literary agent. They've liked your work enough to either send you either a) an editorial letter or b) recommend a book editor who in turn is going to revise your work with you. Unfortunately an offer of representation is not contingent on revisions, and in fact, and this is where it really hurts, despite your revisions you still may not be signed on. Then why was the agent so enthusiastic to begin with? Why recommend a book editor? Why then not take it on?  Literary agent Victoria Marini has an excellent post addressing all these questions:

"The Revision Request can be awesome… or it can be soul-crushing. Meredith Barnes blogged about The Exclusive Revision here, go check it out for a better summary.
Essentially, when an agent likes your manuscript, but feels it need extensive revision before it can be sold, that agent may ask you to revise it, send it back to them, and pending those revisions, they may offer representation. The key word there is “may.”

Why don’t we just offer on the manuscript and have you revise under contract? Sometimes we do. And (if we seem overly keen on revision requests) sometimes it backfires. read rest here

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Anjali said...

Thanks for the link. It's an honest and informative read!