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Friday, June 1, 2012

Ten 'Things I Hate About Me' by Randa Abdel-Faatah

No. This is not the teeny movie 'Ten Things I Hate About You' starring Julia Stiles. This is the novel by Randa Abdel-Faateh set in Australia about high school, racism, finding your own identity, and more importantly once you find it being proud of it no matter what. 'Ten Things I Hate About Me' is a smart and quick read. The main character's voice is funny and sassy and will carry you along through important  themes without ever being preachy. She's living a double identity, her sister is a feminist in a hijab and really that is not an anomaly, and their brother is allowed to date and get away with everything accept choosing his own career. Add to this mix a loud but lovable father. And I must say for once a hijab on the cover works all too well!!

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