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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review of Madonna and Me in Used Furniture Review

 Judy Clement Wall reviews the anthology 'Madonna and Me' for the Used Furniture Review. She really loved it and has great things to say about all the essays. I am of course thrilled at the following little bit
"Every generation does it with different pop heroes but Soniah Kamal captures what is strikingly consistent – our moments of discovery: “We were three excited girls perched on the edge of a green velvet sofa, waiting for a cassette to rewind, not knowing that when the world changes, this is how it happens, in ordinary living rooms on ordinary afternoons.”
I am thrilled that my essay was mentioned, but I am also thrilled because I actually chose to keep this line after it was nearly edited out. But I could not let this line go. yes its whimsical but it perfectly captured what happened that afternoon: an afternoon that began like so many others, but, by the end of it it was something else. If you haven't read the essays in this anthology yet then do: I'll bet there is that one special essay that will speak to you.

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