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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Overstatement of the century: Scott Disik about Kim Kardashian

 "Is this normal behavior?" a befuddled Scott Disik asks his wife Kourtney Kardashian regarding Kim Kardashian during the 2012 Keeping Up with the Kardashian episode Wigging Out. Kim, in a red wig, is pretending to be Russian spy Natasha and thus is playing hide and seek behind walls and windows.  Which prompts Scott to ask 'Is this normal behavior?' Wow-- Scott-- it took you a few years but you finally got to it. Now you may ask why am I keeping up with the K's if I'm going to be oh so snarky? Because it's still amazing to me that there are three sisters on TV who look Pakistani.
One day many many years ago I was flipping channels and missing home when, suddenly, the TV rested on three girls with black hair, black eyes, and wheatish complexions:  Were they Indian? Could the be Pakistani? Probably Irani?  Turned out they harkened back to Armenia.
But finally someone who looked like us on TV-- so I was hooked. Kim's recent stupid marriage did turn me off. But I require my 'Pakistan' look-a-like fix every now and then and so it is: normal behavior or not!

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