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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When Do We Write?

My dear friend and writer Anjali Enjeti has started a new series on her blog She Started It in which she's going to ask writers when they write? You know like when they're bored, angry, sad, when they have time, don't have time. Please check it out. Yours truly is her debut writer!

 When do I write? A more fitting question might be when don’t I write! I’m writing even when I’m not actually sitting at the keyboard typing. I write, in my mind, while putting the kids to bed, before I sleep and when I wake up, as I brush my teeth and hit the shower, and make breakfast and finally take my first sip of tea and so on and so forth. In this fashion I’m writing all day long and my moods–happy, sad, angry, irritated—often act as necessary spices to season the particular piece I’m working on. read rest here.

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