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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Debut Novelists and Expectations.

 I came across a wonderful website where Natalia Sylvester interviews debut novelists about their experiences from first book contract to publication date.  In 2011 Rebecca Rasmussen, author of 'The Bird Sisters' talks of whether any novel is 'quiet'. Jael Mchenry, author of 'The Kitchen Daughter' tells how her editor edited and how the cover was chosen. Sarah Jio, author of 'The Violets of March' relates the difference between writing her first and second novel.  Camille Noe Pagan, author of 'The Art of Forgetting' gives blogging advice. Brandi Lynn Ryder, author of 'In Malice, Quite Close', discusses her experience with the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. Samuel Park, author of 'This Burns My Heart' gives a great definition of literary fiction as well a turning novels into film and getting blurbs.   Erika Mark, author of 'Little Gale Gumbo' talks about simultaneously writing two books. Keith Cronin, author of 'Me Again', talks of the importance of learning to talk about your book and the incredible way writers help writers. 

An added bonus: Natalia follows up with authors to find out what they're up to now.  

As a fun exercise which novels which titles from the ones above would you snap off the shelf?  Do the titles you choose veer towards  themes you are more likely to find in your own writing?

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