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Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt, Revolution, Democracy and How it is Done

Mabrook Egypt! And Tunisia too (talk about ripple effects!) Liberty, the struggle for and the attainment of, is just as exciting and intoxicating  for those like myself sitting on a couch and watching TV/internet all these many days. So heady to hear hope and pride and sheer happiness and amazement. It ignites life in all of us despite the rough logistical road ahead. To finally see the women joining the men in Tahrir Square is pure joy! It is also very interesting how modern technology was put to use in this freedom struggle.
I am not Arab but I feel so proud.  I slept to Mubarek causing confusion and delay and woke to him finally stepping down. I wonder who's crying more, he or his opportunistic wife? But it's not just Mr. and Ms. Hosni Mubarek who will have to learn to lead a new life. Real change in Egypt will come when the military and the police learn how to live in a democracy and use their gun power to protect the people rather than terrorize them into obedience.
As for coverage: I think CNN U.S. did a decent job (CNN International has excellent coverage and may as well be from a different world than CNN U.S.-- unfortunately CNN International not offered to U.S. viewers).  FOX News proved to be ridiculous once again since it couldn't stop talking about the Muslim Brotherhood. Al Jazeera rocked and ruled. It is shame that U.S. cable networks claim they do not carry Al-Jazeera English because there is not enough demand. Really we American viewers are being deprived of excellent news coverage and need to demand that it be offered as it already is in Ohio, Vermont and D.C. (You will learn more about the world watching five minutes of Al-Jazeera than you will watching five years of any U.S. news channel).

As for the U.S. and democracy -- this is how democracy comes to dawn.  Today in Egypt's Tahir Square celebrators celebrate with fire, with flame, with waving flags. I think back to Iraq and feel sad. I think back to Iraq and that horrid day when Iraq's night skies were lit up with 'shock and awe.'  This is how deomocracy comes to dawn, U.S. lest you forget.


Anjali said...

It's a novel idea, isn't it? The people of a country can actually bring about their own freedom. They don't have to be invaded and attacked.

Drunk on Ink said...

ridiculously novel! Don't know why no one has thought of it before or anyone has ever penned a novel on it ::))