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Monday, May 10, 2010

What the fuck is wrong with Faisal Shezad?

Faisal Shezad swore the pledge of allegiance to the U.S., then turned around and put a bomb in Times Square. Really, what is wrong with people like him? I say people like him because he is not people like me, though many in the U.S. might see us as the same: he's from Pakistan, I'm from Pakistan. He lived in the States. I live in the States. He is Muslim. I'm from a Muslim background. And yet Mr. Stupid Shezad and I are universes apart. So, like other humans watching Mr. Shezad's stupidity unfold on TV, I want to know exactly what is wrong with Mr. Stupid Shezad?

Please don't say he's angry at America. Or that America deserves it. Or that he's disillusioned. Or that America deserves it. If you really want to change the world, or do something about anger towards American foreign policy or Starbucks' ridiculous coffee prices there has to be a better way then boming Times Square or any Square.

It actually makes me very angry that Mr. Shezad applied for citizenship and got it then abused it. If you're pissed about the state of Pakistan, please, get out of the U.S, return to Pakistan and stay there and do something about poverty, education and no electricity. Spreading terror in your recently adopted country is not going to help the mess your birth country is in. Seriously between the likes of Faisal Shezad and the recent Arizona immigration laws whereby the good and fair police can stop anyone who looks like an illegal worker (does this include blonde, blue eyed and white-- if so then I've got nothing to worry about), the likes of me is not happy with the birth country or the adopted country.

Here are two very excellent points of view on Stupid Shezad.

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