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Friday, January 9, 2009

risks of an early -c-section

I'm not fan of c-sections, and having my second C on the fifth of Dec for my third kid (2,5,3 are the magic numbers) has left me even less so. My baby was breech, and I started contractions in the 38th week, but here's some latest info on why even supposedly 'full term' c-sections are not a good idea.

The earlier deliveries had a higher rate of complications. Among babies
born at 39 weeks, 3.4% had certain breathing problems, including one called
respiratory distress syndrome. The frequency of such problems rose to 5.5% for
babies delivered at 38 weeks, and to 8.2% at 37 weeks. An infant's breathing
problems don't usually cause lasting effects, but such babies are more likely to
have to be admitted for intensive care.

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Anjali said...

I was able to schedule my C-section (due to breach) at the very end of the 39th week. (They wanted to schedule me at 38 weeks, and I said no.) But I went into labor at 38 weeks, and was so thankful I did.

Also, in the research I did before my C-section, I did not find any conclusive evidence that a C-section was safer for mother and baby than a trained and correctly performed vaginal breech baby.

The Wholesome Satyr said...

Well, let's hope this is behind us now and that mother and baby are doing just fine :)!

on Life and Literature said...

just fine, thanks!