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Friday, January 9, 2009

risks of an early -c-section

I'm not fan of c-sections, and having my second C on the fifth of Dec for my third kid (2,5,3 are the magic numbers) has left me even less so. My baby was breech, and I started contractions in the 38th week, but here's some latest info on why even supposedly 'full term' c-sections are not a good idea.

The earlier deliveries had a higher rate of complications. Among babies
born at 39 weeks, 3.4% had certain breathing problems, including one called
respiratory distress syndrome. The frequency of such problems rose to 5.5% for
babies delivered at 38 weeks, and to 8.2% at 37 weeks. An infant's breathing
problems don't usually cause lasting effects, but such babies are more likely to
have to be admitted for intensive care.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Gaza and Israel-- home, clothes, name...

The situation is crippling to watch. And the cable news (CNN, MSNBC, FOX,) coverage in the U.S. is abominable. No doubt the Israelis fear of Hamas and thier rocket fire is mentally debilitating but, based on the U.S. news coverage (though some would call it propoganda), one would assume that the civilians in Isreal are suffering the same number of casualties as are those in Gaza. 760 deaths to 4 Israelis. Not that any are acceptable be it Palestinians or Israelies.
But the Isrealis are playing unfair: for all thier dropping of leaflets to warn Gazans to get out before the bombs come, where are the Gaza civilians supposed to go for cover? One one side is the deep sea, on others the borders are closed, and there is no 'country house' to flee to from the cities. So basically, leaflet or no leaflet, they're stuck. Damn Hamas for putting its people in this situation to begin with. And yet...even this uneven 'war' will come to an end, though too late for those dead or maimed, physically and emotionally. Days of constant bombing, of constantly being reminded of the precariousness of life. Imagine the nightmares those kids, adults, will have...

Americans are still subjected to Fox “News” and CNN propaganda piped into
airport waiting rooms, doctors’ offices, and exercise centers. People ask me
where they can get reliable information. I tell them that their goal cannot be
reached without their commitment of time. People who have access to
television services that provide English language foreign broadcasts, such as
Iran’s Press TV, Russia Today, or Al Jazeera, can get get news and insights from
those parts of the world demonized by the US media. The BBC World Service still
reports facts while covering itself by providing the views of the US, UK, and
Israeli governments.
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from The Christian Science Monitor
"I was forced to leave the house that I worked 30 years for," Abu Khaled
told me. "I took my clothes and underwear and ID cards so I could be identified
if killed in one of the explosions."
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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day One of the New Year

400 dead in Gaza, Palestine
4 dead in Israel

and cholera, amongst other killers, kills in Zimbabwe

I'd like all sickness and disease and war to end... but that's not happening any time this year's resolution is how to learn to live with it.

But then that's every year's resolution.