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'Islam is not Pakistan's religion; Marriage is'

Friday, March 28, 2008

India versus America: diversity in the political sphere

Myth or fact: in America opportunity is equal and color, gender and religion no cause for a brouhaha? Here's a refreshing op-ed in The Hindu by Vidya Subrahmaniam about the biases in the Melting Pot's media circus, as well as why India trumps the US.

'The point is: Why should a Muslim connection be treated as an offense? Mr. Obama’s supporters ought to have been proud of his middle name, holding that up as a symbol of American multiculturalism. Instead, they have cringed at the thought that he could be mistaken for a Muslim. Perhaps this is the truth of a country that is still grappling with race, continues to be squeamish about gender and goes ballistic at the mention of Islam.' read rest here

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