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Monday, February 4, 2008

On novels that take a long time getting written

John Dalton took eight years to write his novel Heaven Lake. On this winding way he was asked the one question sure to induce a sinking heart: DONE YET? I guess he was asked enough times for him to write this poignant essay, 'Done Yet? Struggling with the Novel'. So many sentiments in this essay touched me but the line that settled deep:
"There is a popular and entirely false belief that every talented person who follows a dream eventually meets with success."
rest of John's essay here
My father grew me up with the conviction that every hard working person, sooner or later, will meet with just fruits. In my experience this is far from the truth too. John's story ends happily; I want to know what happens to the hearts of the 'talented and determined people (who) fail all the time'.

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Jawahara Saidullah said...

This one was uplifting and depressing. Yes, talent and skill and even hard work don't mean success. And that is a scary, scary thing.

You know what else is scary? That you are tagged (check my blog). If you are just doing this blog as a book review site and don't want to do the tag that's fine :-)