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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Nawaz Sharif : destiny dances

Ex-Pm Nawaz Sharif probably never imagined in his wildest dreams that, after attempting to enter Pakistan on September 10, 2007 only to be unceremoniously sent back to Saudi Arabia the very same day, he would fly in ceremoniously a mere two months later (Nov 25). Or that, another month later, he would be in the sanctimonious position he's in. As Pakistanis will say with a snap of fingers 'kismet aisay badaltee hai' i.e. it takes a moment for destiny to change.
To herald in the new year via the Washington Post, Sharif advocates the following imminent changes Pakistan deserves:

1- Musharraf should go
2- a broad based 'national unity' government should be installed
3- the 1973 constitution reinstated
4- all curbs on the media should be removed
5- and impartial elections be held so that, and here I quote: "the people are able to choose their representatives for a Parliament and government that can be trusted to rebuild the country rather than serve the agenda of a dictator. These are the only steps that will give the country a semblance of stability"

To get all wrapped up in semantics, why just a 'semblance' i.e. a superficial show and not actual stability (at least a degree of)?

In 1999 Musharraf ousted Sharif from office in a bloodless coup. Then, that was considered the only step that would have given the country the semblance, indeed a return to stability and, after the coup most people went about their lives without batting an eyelash. But, that was then and this is now and, like I said, it takes a moment for destiny to change.

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