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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

'The Liar's Diary' by Patry Francis

In my blog-jog this morning I found blog entries for Patry Francis at both Tess Gerritsen's blog (Tess is a fine thriller writer and her blog is amazingly forthright about writerly issues) and Gayle Brandeis' blog (I initially found Gayle's work because I'm a huge fan of Barbara Kingsolver (most specially the novel 'The Poisonwood Bible') and Gayle's novel The Book of Dead Birds won a Bellwether , a literary prize for novels in support of social change founded by Kingsolver. Turns out they are part of a blog drive (so far 300 + blogs) to blog about Patry's novel 'The Liar's Diary' while she recovers from cancer surgery. So I followed links to Patry's blog and discovered a warm, wise, funny voice. Here's the entry where Patry is told her novel is sold. And entries like this one conjure up the word 'grace'. And here is an excerpt from 'The Liar's Diary', a story about a murder and a woman riven between loyalty to family or friend.


Jawahara Saidullah said...

Okay, for some reason (okay, fine the reason may or may not be PMS) reading her blog made me all weepy. So...thanks! Great blog btw. Glad you started up again.

on Life and Literature said...

thanx J!