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Saturday, December 29, 2007

"Rudy Giuliani is the Guy to Get Rid of the Muslims"

Why should Rudy Giuliani become President of the US?
Because, says one of his campaign officials, Rudy has what it takes to bring about the solution to the 'rise of the Muslim problem' i.e. he'll get rid of them by sending them (all of them! hurrah!) back to their caves.
I sincerely urge voters to please please vote for Rudy in these upcoming elections. His beliefs prove that he is one smart cookie who wants nothing more but to spread goodwill and peace amongst mankind. And if Rudy is not good looking enough for you, then please please consider Obama who believes in invading sovereign nations without their government's permission for, what else, the good of humanity. But then naturally this is a pure and good belief to hold since Iraq is turning out so successful an invasion.

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Olive Chancellor said...

Yes, Rudy is terrifying. Anyone who would have Norman Podhoretz as an advisor is a particularly frightening Republican.